Chairmans Letter – December 2021

Dear Kennet BeeKeeper, 

My Christmas December newsletter should be full of hope and joy but with this terrible COVID we still have a life that is still not yet back to normal – will it ever be?   So I am trying to make our beekeeping life as normal as possible and have prepared a full programme of events for 2022. This will be printed on card and posted out to you just after Christmas.   

The next date for your diary is Oxalic Acid for the bees,  with hopefully mulled wine and a mince pies for any member who wishes to turn up at the Horton Road apiary, 12.00 noon on 1st January 2022.  As well as treating the bees for varroa we always try and make this a bit of fun whatever the weather. So if you do come bring your bee suit and a mince pie and some warm mulled wine to share with your fellow beekeepers when we will wish everyone a Happy New Year.  The bees will most likely not be flying but it is always good to have your bee suit on as they don’t care to be opened and may buzz out to see what is going on and join in the fun! 

We are having a big problem with where to keep our KBKA kit in the form of the Fetes and Fairs tables and gazebo, the two extractors, and all the other bits and pieces we own. Be nice to have them in one central safe place.   At the moment I have some kit and other people are kindly housing other bits and pieces.  So this is a plea, does anyone have a spare lock up garage or place we could use or rent?   We are thinking about hiring a container and keeping it at Horton Road but one of you may have a better idea or place you can offer.  Contact me if you can help. 

We need volunteers to make our Association work.  We need someone to take over the AHAT (Asian Hornet Awarness Team),  someone to run our Fetes and Fairs programme and someone to take over from me as Apiary Manager. We have a great committee and I would like to thank all members past and present for all the hard work they have all done. It is thanks to all of them that we are the vibrant Association we are,  but please do offer to do your bit for KBKA even if it is only for a short time. 

This Friday 3rd December, is the Associations skittles challenge at The Crown in Devizes and I am looking forward to seeing those of you who have booked and paid for your tickets. Arrive as early as you like but we will start the skittles at 7.30pm 

As this is the festive season I have attached, at the bottom of this email, the Bees for Development Christmas Appeal – you may like to donate to this worthy cause.  

So a Happy Christmas and A Happy New Year 2022 to all members. 

Best wishes,