Chairmans letter – April 2022

Dear Kennet Beekeepers, This coming Wednesday 6th April we have our monthly talk or lecture at Bishops Cannings village hall,  SN10 2LA doors open from 7.00 pm for all to start at 7.30 pm.  As you should know we are starting with a very short Special General Meeting to vote in our KBKA trustees for the new Wiltshire BeeKeepers when they become a charity.  The vote will be also on zoom for those members that cannot make the evening – but please note the talk will NOT be on zoom so you must be there if you wish to hear Richards Talk.  

I am very please to welcome one of our members Richard Peterson to be giving the talk on Wednesday 6thThis will be a practical talk with just Richard and his bee equipment.  Members will have the opportunity to see and hear how he uses  “Variations of a Demeree ”. This will be in the format of a practical demonstration showing the variations using actual hive equipment. No power point presentation but perhaps the best way for beekeepers to grasp and understand the different aspects of this method of proactive swarm management.  He will invite verbal participation throughout each aspect of the system and take questions at the end of each section of the talk, before moving on to the next. Should be a good evenings discussion on bees and of interest to everyone who keeps bees and wishes to further understand swarming.  I shall hope to see you there. 

To save bombarding your in box with emails the BBKA have released a number of notifications recently and the details can be found in the attachment on email. 

I  also attached a note from Chris Rawlings who really needs our support with the Bath and West Show 2nd – 4th June. All details can be found in the Bath and West show attachment. I can highly recommend volunteering for this – it is a great way to see and feel part of the show and have free entry. 

I would remind all members that our Fetes and Fairs Co-ordinator post is still vacant. Anyone interested in learning more about the position, please get in touch. In the meantime, Bushton Plant fair takes place on Bank Holiday Monday, 2nd May  and if you would like to support in any way by setting up, attending the stall or indeed selling some of your own honey please get in touch with Elaine at or 07890 908168

There is an out apiary opportunity at Horton which has recently become available. This would suit a relatively new beekeeper or one with more years under their belt. A range of equipment is available for use on site including honey extraction kit. If you would like to know more please contact Elaine at or 07890 908168

Saturday 11 June.  Apiary Safari.  I am pleased to say that I have had three kind beekeepers come forward and offer us the chance of paying their apiary a visit. Full details will follow later. 

Now is really the beginning of the active beekeeping season.  Every year I say how fast it suddenly starts and I doubt if this year will be an exception only this currently cold weather will set us back a bit.  Watch out for early swarms, check you bees for health and stores and enjoy you beekeeping, and when it becomes warmer do your first inspections.  I know that there have been bad winter losses this year so do check them out.   

All best wishes


Chairman Kennet Beekeepers Association