Chairman’s Letter – October 2022

Dear Kennett BeeKeepers,

I have found that this year has passed really quickly and now it is time again for our Kennet Beekeepers AGM which is this coming Wednesday the 5th October at 7.30 at Bishop Cannings Village Hall. We now have 170+ members and I do hope that many of you will try and come to this AGM. If you are there you can give your committee some guidance as to how you feel the Association is going and give us any ideas as to how we can improve on any aspect.  I really welcome your feedback as it is great to try and get it right. Also if you have a hidden skills that would help us run the Association, but especially fitting out the new apiary,  I would also like to hear from you. 

All our committee officers are willing to stand again this year for 2023.  I have been your Chair for far too long and you must find a replacement in the next few years. However I am willing to stand again should you so wish. Please could I request that those who have not already let Elaine know that you are able to attend, let her know now, along with your choice of refreshment as per her email last email. It is important that we have sufficient voting members present to make the voting valid.

We will be moving forward with our new apiary and most importantly with our new Apiary Manager Jeremy Percy – to be voted in at this coming AGM.  I would really like someone to offer a queen breading course next year, I had always planned to do it but being your chair and temporary apiary manager I just did not find the time.  

Feeding time.   Now is the time you should perhaps have fed your bees but if you are still waiting to buy feed,  Colin Taylor 01380 816564 is your man.   He has Ambrosia syrup and Api fondant at £19.50 for 12.50 kg .  This is a really great price and I think the same as he was charging last year.

On Saturday, 8 October 2022–10am to 4pm at the Corn Exchange is the Wiltshire Bee and Honey Day.  It was great last year with good talks and lots to go and see and I know Sophie would welcome anyone who has forgotten to volunteer and offer to help during the day.  

This is also the time I remind you to renew your membership for the coming 12 months, to heft your bees and make sure they are full of winter stores, that the roof in on tight with a brick on top and insulation underneath, and do NOT forget the mouse guards – they are SO important as it is really disappointing to have a hive full of mice in the Spring!!  Yes, we will be talking about Preparing for Winter after the AGM has finished!  Another reason to be there!

Hope to see you at the AGM and all our other talks and events.

Best wishes


Chairman Kennet Beekeepers Association