Introduction to Beekeeping 2020 – Course 2

Course for 2020 has been postponed due to Covid 19 restrictions

Aims of Course

This course is suitable for those who wish to:-

  • Discover more about beekeeping                                 and/or
  • Decide whether  beekeeping is a suitable hobby         and/or
  • Start beekeeping.


The 12 hour course over one weekend; both days consisting of mornings in the classroom and afternoons in the apiary:- 

  • 2 hours Theory 
  • Break
  • 2 hours Theory
  • Lunch
  • 2 hours Practical 


Wiltshire Bee Centre, Old Yatesbury Airfield, near Calne SN11 8FA.


Thanks to Fee and Terry Cooke who will teach the course. They are both Honorary members of Kennet Beekeepers and have been key officers at both Club and County level. They have taught Beekeeping for many years; Fee still is a key contributor to our standard Introduction course and Basic study groups. The Wiltshire Bee Centre is operated by Fee and Terry who are bee farmers with a strong interest in promoting education of the honey bee and her environment. 

                                        See Education main page for course dates

 The theory will  cover:-

  • Life cycle of the honey bee; nature of the colony and the individual bee;
  • Forage: what and how bees locate forage; processing nectar into honey
  • Equipment : personal, hives and frames
  • Beekeeping Year: inspecting the bees throughout the seasons
  • Keeping the bees healthy: recognizing a healthy colony; managing pests and diseases.
  • Swarm management
  • Honey extraction; other products of the hive
  • Getting started: setting up an apiary; health and safety issues; purchasing bees and equipment

The practical will cover:-

  • Bee handling
  • Colony inspection

However, under certain weather conditions, it will not be possible for the bee hives to be opened. In that case, the afternoon apiary sessions will be rescheduled for another day.

Course  Extension
 – the Club Apiary is open for  various weekend sessions  throughout the season  for course members to gain further experience handling bees.

Cost of Course:
                  £36.00 for current Full or Country members

                  For new members:
                  Full Membership is an additional £48.00, therefore TOTAL: £84.00      OR
                  Country Membership is an additional £36.50, therefore TOTAL: £72.50

Full is best if you intend to keep your own bees this year: otherwise Country is probably adequate.

Early application is advised as the course is limited to give sufficient individual attention and demand seems particularly strong this year.
It also enables applicants to gain some of the membership benefits before the Course starts. Priority will be given to local students who make early application.

Please contact Dick Church, Education Co-ordinator, for further details.