Introduction to Beekeeping 2024

Aims of Course

This course is suitable for those who wish to:-

  • Discover more about beekeeping                                 and/or
  • Decide whether  beekeeping is a suitable hobby         and/or
  • Start beekeeping.


The course is divided into:- 

  • Theory – 12 Hours.
    6 separate meetings, held at Bishops Cannings Village Hall, 2.5 miles from Devizes, Wiltshire
  • Practical – Once the beekeeping season starts at the end of April, and throughout the rest of the Spring/Summer, students will be invited to attend the club apiary every other weekend on Saturday afternoons (weather permitting). The apiary is where they will be able to gain some confidence handling bees under the tutelage of experienced beekeepers and be able to build on their theory knowledge with regular practical experience. The club apiary is also in Bishops Cannings

Theory Sessions

Theory sessions will be held on Thursdays, between 7:00pm – 9:00pm

                  Meetings: See Education main page for course dates

 The theory will  cover:-

  • Life cycle of the honey bee; nature of the colony and the individual bee; forage
  • Equipment : personal, hives and frames
  • Beekeeping Year: inspecting the bees throughout the seasons
  • Keeping the bees healthy: recognizing a healthy colony; managing pests and diseases.
  • Swarm management
  • Honey extraction; other products of the hive
  • Getting started: setting up an apiary; health and safety issues; purchasing bees and equipment

Practical Sessions
These sessions will held from the end of April, every other Sunday and occasional Saturdays (weather permitting)

                  Meetings: See Education main page for course dates

 After kitting out – bee suits available to borrow – and practising how to light smokers, teams of 1 teacher and 2/3 students will work on a hive.
Teachers will demonstrate what to look for and how to handle bees  during an inspection but mostly these sessions are an opportunity for students to gain hands on experience.

 Course  Extension – the Apiary is open for  various weekend sessions  throughout the season  for course members to gain further experience handling bees. 

Further Learning
Various weekend sessions throughout the season for course members to gain further experience handling bees.  New beekeepers will be especially welcomed at these sessions.

Most of the teaching team have considerable experience and expertise in both beekeeping and teaching beekeeping and are well recognized at County level and above. The team includes the Wiltshire President, a bee farmer and seasonal bee inspector.

Cost of Course:

  • For existing KBKA members, the cost of this course is £40.

    If you are not already a member, there are two main types of membership:

    • Full registered membership; for those who already have bees or are thinking of getting them before 30th September 2023. @ £43 plus a £5 new member fee (£88 total fee for the year, when you book this course).
    • Associate membership for those without bees @ £16 plus a £5 new member fee (£61 total when you book this course)

Early application is advised as the course. It also enables applicants to gain some of the membership benefits before the Course starts. Priority will be given to local members who make early application.

Please contact Emma Morley, Education Secretary, for the full details and an application form.
Click this link
or see Contacts page for contact details.
Completion of the Form with payment will confirm your place on the Course.