Club Equipment

The club has a number of items intended for members use.
Please read the clubs policy on borrowing equipment : Equipment Policy

Please read the KBKA Rule Book section 7 regarding Extractor Hire.

Equipment Available:

  • 4 Frame Radial Extractor (small leak)
    Dick Church  – Email here
    £10 per rental (max 3 days)
  • 8 super frames or four 14×12 brood frames Radial Extractor (heavier metal stainless with a base board)
    Robert Carpenter Turner – Email here
    £13 per rental (max 3 days)
  • Strimmer
    David Brown 01380 722406
    £15 per rental (max 3 days) (2 jars of honey cash equivalent)

Offers from club members:

Some club members also have equipment they are willing to loan.


  • Extractor – Sue Sloan

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