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FAQ’s regarding Third Party Insurance
Third Party Insurance Guidance Sheet

Bee Pests & Diseases

Disease Pest
Chronic Bee Paralysis Virus
Shaking bees part 1
– Shaking bees part 2
– Chronic Bee Paralysis Virus
– Varroa Calculator
Foulbrood Tracheal Mites
Nosema Wax Moth
Amoeba Disease Asian Hornet (currently exotic pest)
Other Brood Disorders Small Hive Beetle (SHB) (currently exotic pest)
Tropilaelaps mites (currently exotic pest)

National Beebase

All members of Kennet Beekeepers Association are requested to register on Beebase (a National Bee Unit website).
By registering your apiary on Beebase you will assist the National Bee Unit “to effectively monitor and control the spread of serious honey bee pests and diseases, as well as provide up-to-date information in keeping bees healthy and productive”. The website also provides a wealth of information and useful resources.

Beekeeping Suppliers /  Sourcing Queens

**The KBKA makes does not endorse or make recommendations concerning suppliers or the products they supply.**

Company Name Website Additional Information
Paynes Bee
Maisemore Apiaries
Fragile Planet
Caddon hives
Alan Wadsworth Offers a made-to-order range of beekeeping equipment – based in Bromham
BeeNucs Specialist manufacturer of Bee Nucleus – based in Swindon
National Bee Supplies
Compak South Supplier of glass jars
Bottle Company South Supplier of glass jars
David Campbell British black bees (queen source)
Lucy and Victor  Buckfast (queen source)

Associations & Organisations

Name Website Additional Information
British Beekeepers Association Includes sections on getting started, equipment advice, information leaflets and articles as well as a forum for beginners questions
Wiltshire Beekeepers Association Includes links to the five Wiltshire Associations – Kennet, Melksham, Salisbury, Swindon & West Wilts
FERA’s Bee This is a great resource for the lastest information on pests and diseases, including varroa calculator
Includes many advisory leaflets and training guides at:

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