Club Library

The KBKA has a large library of books for use by KBKA members and is available at the monthly club meetings.

New/recycled books are always welcome.

KBKA Library For Beginners

Title Author Other Information
Backyard Beekeeping William Scott 1997
Basic BeeKeeping Owen Meyer
BeeKeeping Kim Flottum
Bees at the bottom of the garden Alan Campion
Keeping Bees and making honey Alison Benjamin And Brian McCallum
Keeping Honeybees Judy Urquhart
The Bee book Daphne More The history and natural history of the honeybee
Keeping Bees – A Complete Practical Guide Paul Peacock
Advice for Beekeepers BBKA
Beekeeping Self-sufficiency Joanna Ryde
Fun with Bees Matthew Allan Beekeeping in a Nutshell series
Basic Honey Processing Matthew Allan Beekeeping in a Nutshell series
The Healthy Hive BBKA
Simple Swarm Prevention Mark Brittle Beekeeping in a Nutshell series
A Hive of Industry . . . The Story of Honey Bees and Beekeeping Devon Apicultural Research Group
The BBKA Guide to Beekeeping Ivor Davis & Roger Cullen-Kenyon
Beekeeping for Dummies Howland Blackiston
Bees & Beekeeping Explained Gerard Baker
Bad Beekeepers Club Bill Turnbull 2 copies available
Keeping Bees Pam Gregory & Claire Waring
Beekeeping – a Practical Guide Roger Patterson 2 copies available
Bee (Haynes) manual Claire & Adrian Waring 2 copies available
Beekeeper’s Handbook Dina Sammatro Alpphonse Atibile
First Lessons in Beekeeping Keith Delaplane
Keeping Bees & Making Honey A.Benjamin & B. Mccallum
Complete & Easy Guide to Beekeeping K. Flotum

KBKA Library For All BeeKeepers

Title Author Other Information
At the Hive Entrance H Storch 1985
Background to Beekeeping Allan C Waine 1987
Bee Boles and Bee Houses AM Foster 1988
Bee Keeping at Buckfast Abbey Brother Adams 1974
Beekeeping Teach yourself
Beekeeping Tips and Topis Elbert Jaycox America, 1975-81
Colour guide to pollen loads of the honey bee William Kirk 1994
Guide to Bees and Honey 1976 Ted Hooper (Need later addition)
Practical Beekeeping Clive de Bruyn
Principles of Practical BeeKeeping Robert Couston 1972
Recipes for the use of BeesWax Cumbria BeeKeepers Association
Simple Methods of Making Increase Wally Shaw Welsh beekeepers Association
Sixty Years with Bees Donald Sims 1997
Sixty Years with Smoker and Veil Robert N H Skilling 1991
Swarming Its control and prevention Snelgrove 1941
The Complete handbook of Bee-Keeping Herbert Mace 2 Copies
The Wisdom of the Hive T.D. Seeley 1995
Beekeeping Study Notes: Basic Assessment Yates
In Search of the Best Strains of Bee Brother Adam
The Bee-friendly Beekeeper – A sustainable approach David Heaf
Oilseed Rape and Bees Allan Calder
Treating Oil-seed Rape with Simplicity Jack Berry Beekeeping in a Nutshell series
The HoneyBee Out & About Celia F. Davis
Honey Bee Democracy Thomas D. Seeley
Making Up & Using Nuclei Donald Sims Beekeeping in a Nutshell series
Beekeeping Study Notes: Modules 5,6,7,8 Yates
The Buzz About Bees J. Tautz
How to Succeed with Bees E.W. & K. Atkins 1924
Beekeeper’s Bible Collins

KBKA Library: Advanced or Specific Topics

Title Author Other Information
Producing, Preparing, Exhibiting and Judging Bee Produce W. Herrod-Hempsall Producing, preparing, exhibiting and judging. 1948
Breeding Super Bees Steve Taber 1987, American
Breeding Techniques and Selection for Breeding of the Honeybee Fried Ruttner 1988
Honey Identification Rex Sawyer 1988
Honeybees Biology J.B. Free Lectures given to CAB-Keepers, various dates
Queen Breeding for Amateurs C.P. Abbott 1947
The behaviour and physiology of Bees LJ Goodman and RC Fisher Collection of scientific essays , 1991
The Honeybees of the British Isles Beowulf A. Cooper 1986
The World of the Honeybee Colin G Butler 1974
The Honey Bee Around & About Celia F Davis
Beeswax Ron Brown
Keeping Healthy Honey Bees David Aston & Sally Bucknall
Field Notes on Queen Rearing Oliver Field
Anatomy & Physiology of the Honeybee R.E. Snodgrass 1925
Swarming its control & Prevention L.E. Snelgrove 2 copies – 1941 & 1943
 Keeping Bees  Compiled by J.B. Free
 Natural Beekeeping  Ross Conrad
 How to Make a Warming Cabinet  R. Chapman
 How to Make a Solar Extractor  C. Richmond
 General Husbandry  BBKA News Special Issue

KBKA Library: Related Interests and Gardening

Title Author Other Information
Alien Empire Christopher O’Toole Insects in general
The Beekeeper’s Garden Ted Hooper & Mike Taylor 1988
The Humble-Bee F. W. L. Sladen Bumble-Bees, 1989
A Sting in the Tale Dave Goulson 2013
Plants and Honeybees. . .Their relationships David Aston & Sally Bucknall
The Bee Friendly Garden Ted Hooper & Mike Taylor
Plants and Beekeeping F. N. Howes
Bee Quest Dave Goulson

KBKA Library: Ministry of Agriculture

Title Author Other Information
 Beekeeping  Ministry of Agriculture  MAFF 1972
 Diseases of Bees  Ministry of Agriculture  MAFF 1976
 Swarming of Bees  Ministry of Agriculture  MAFF 1975

Also available

  • A selection of British Beekeepers Association Advisory Leaflets.
  • Past copies of various Newsletters and Journals.

Book stockists
Popular books related to bees are stocked by the likes of Amazon, but there are also specialist book retailers:

Book Reviews by club members
Keeping Bees – Paul Peacock
If you are considering keeping bees and you want to see what bee keeping is about then this is the book for you. Its small, has lots of great and relevant pictures, its well written, well laid out and not too technical. Most children could also cope with this book, its an easy and fun read.


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