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Kennet Beekeepers Association do not endorse the accuracy or condition of any items posted for sale on this site and it is a matter exclusively between the buyer and seller.
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Honey for Sale

From time to time KBKA members have honey for sale.
If you want to purchase locally produced honey then please contact one of our members listed below (if any) or check back here from time to time. (Honey is generally packaged at the end of the summer.)
The recommended price for members honey this year (2021) is £7.50 per pound (smaller sizes pro rata – eg £6 per 12 oz and £4 per 8 oz)

Member Name Contact Details Product Sold
Terry Cooke 07779 945 326 Honey, Wax & other bee products.
Bulk quantities and different formats available.
Fee 07966 362 850 Honey, Wax & other bee products.
Bulk quantities and different formats available, for example,
Fee has done small jars of honey as favours for a wedding.

Sales of the clubs / members honey & other bee products will also be available at the following scheduled events:

Event Name Address Date / Time Additional Information
 Bushton Garden Fair  SN4 7PX TBC
 Rowdeford Garden Fair The Rowdeford Charity Trust,
Rowdeford School,
Rowde, Wiltshire,
SN10 2QQ
Market Lavington Vintage Meet The Elisha Field, Drove Lane, Market Lavington SN10 4NT TBC
 Easterton Country Fair  Easterton Village Hall TBC

**The labelling  & composition of honey for sale to consumers and catering establishments is controlled by The Honey (England) Regulations 2015, The Food Labelling Regulations 1996 & The Weights and Measures Act 1985**

Beekeeping equipment for sale

Member Name Contact Details Products for sale 
 Richard Peterson 07971 563360  Image 1: Thornes Heated Uncapping Tray – £100

Image 2: Thornes Easi Stream – £75
– For use in cleaning brood and super boxes, and frames
– Complete with solid floor

Image 3: Burco Cygnet 30ltr Water Boiler – £65
– For use in cleaning frames

Some pictures of items sold by Richard Peterson

Image 1 Image 1 Image 3 Image 2 Image 5 Image 3

Member Name Contact Details Products for sale 
 John Land Large quantity of WBC kit
Some commercial kit,
Hive of bees in a commercial box – £200
Stainless steel settling tank – £100
6 frame stainless steel tangential manual extractor – £100
Various bits and bobs

Items for loan only

Member Name Contact Details Products for loan 
 Jerry Ashton 07879 778843 /

Collection only from Pewsey Mon – Fri

For Loan only
Thorne’s Large Steam Wax Extractor
Comes with insulation, catch tray for messy drips and wallpaper steamer (replaced twice!)
Use your own linen bag from Thornes (E4012 ) or make them – that would do, or you can use my old ones.
Just return it cleaned and tidy.

Bees for sale

Member Name Contact Details Products for sale