Photo Competition 2020

Kennet BeeKeepers Photographic Competition 2020

Due to COVID-19 KBKA Committee have decided they cannot hold the annual Honey Show – so instead there will be the KBKA Photographic Show and Competition.  For the membership to view, judge and vote for the best in each class, all the photos will be shown on this page of the KBKA website with only a number to identify them.  All photos must relate to beekeeping and be taken by the member, or family member, and presented in jpg. file format. All participation must accept that the photos will be displayed on the KBKA website and could be copied by anyone viewing the site.

 Class winners were as followed: –

  1. Close up, or Macro Photography from inside the hive. – WINNER: Rob Bottoms (No. 7)
  2. The Queen Bee. – WINNER: Fran Kimpton (No. 3) and winner of a years subscription to BeeCraft for highest overall votes received (45% of votes!).
  3. Art of beekeeping.- WINNER: Elaine Lewis (No. 4)
  4. Best unusual beekeeping photo. – WINNER: Robert Carpenter-Turner (No. 10)
  5. Beautiful Bees.  Your hive/bees as a postcard shot. – WINNER: Rob Bottoms (No. 7)

Congratulations to the winning entries, and well done to all those who entered!

The WINNERS and entries found below:

  • Entries for Close up, or Macro Photography from inside the hive. – WINNER: Rob Bottoms (No. 7)
Close Up – No.1

Close up, or Macro 1


Close Up – No.3
Close up, or Macro 3
Close Up – No.7 – WINNER

Close up, or Macro 7

Close Up – No.8

 Close Up – No.9

Close up, or Macro 9

  • Entries for The Queen Bee. – WINNER: Fran Kimpton (No. 3)
 Queen Bee – No.1

The Queen Bee 1

 Queen Bee – No.2

The queen bee 2

 Queen Bee – No.3 – WINNER

The Queen Bee 3

Queen Bee – No.5

The Queen Bee 5

Queen Bee – No.7

Queen Bee – No.8

The Queen Bee 8

 Queen Bee – No.9

The Queen Bee 9

  • Entries for Art of beekeeping. – WINNER: Elaine Lewis (No. 4)
Art of Beekeeping – No. 1

Art of beekeeping 1

Art of Beekeeping – No. 2

The art of beekeeping 2

Art of Beekeeping – No.3

Art of beekeeping 3

Art of Beekeeping – No.4 – WINNER

Art of BeeKeeping 4

Art of Beekeeping – No.5

Art of beekeeping 5

Art of Beekeeping – No.6

Art of BeeKeeping 6

Art of Beekeeping – No.7

Art of Beekeeping 7

Art of Beekeeping – No.8

 Art of Beekeeping – No.9

 Art of Beekeeping – No.10

Art of BeeKeeping 10

 Art of Beekeeping – No.11

Art of BeeKeeping 11

  • Entries for Best unusual beekeeping photo. – WINNER: Robert Carpenter-Turner (No. 10)
Unusual Beekeeping – No.1

Best unusual beekeeping 1

Unusual Beekeeping – No.2

Best unusual beekeeping 2

Unusual Beekeeping – No.3

Best unusual beekeeping 3

 Unusual Beekeeping – No.5

Best unusual beekeeping 5

Unusual Beekeeping – No.8

Best unusual beekeeping 8

 Unusual Beekeeping – No.9

Best unusual beekeeping 9

 Unusual Beekeeping – No.10 – WINNER

Best unusual beekeeping 10

  • Entries for Beautiful Bees.  Your hive/bees as a postcard shot. – WINNER: Rob Bottoms (No. 7)
Beautiful Bees – No.1

Beautiful Bees 1

Beautiful Bees – No.2

Beautiful bees 2

Beautiful Bees – No.3

Beautiful bees 3

Beautiful Bees – No.4

Beautiful Bees 4

Beautiful Bees – No.5

Beautiful Bees 5

Beautiful Bees – No.7 – WINNER

Beautiful Bees 7

Beautiful Bees – No.8

Beautiful Bees – No.9

Beautiful Bees 9

 Beautiful Bees – No.10

Beautiful Bees 10