Short Courses 2019

Apiary Skills Short Courses – 2019

These four courses have been designed to help members improve normal apiary procedures.

To maximise learning, numbers will be restricted to eight participants per course, except Varroa management, where sixteen participants will be accepted.

   Courses: See Education main page for course dates

Typical questions asked by members include:

    • Is this colony queenless?
    • Can I prevent development of the swarming instinct?
    • Have I really mastered a method of swarm control?
    • How do I find the Queen and mark her?
    • How do I clip the Queen without serious damage?
    • How does the Snelgrove method work?
    • How do I introduce a new Queen successfully?
    • How do I extract honey without causing a domestic problem?
    • How can I make soft set honey?
    • What are good ways to look for eggs?
    • What is the danger of finding a low varroa mite drop?
    • How does Queen trapping work to control varroa?
If you wish to know the answers to these and many related questions, as well as practising the necessary skills then sign up for one of the following courses.

Each will start with theory in Bishops Cannings Hall followed by practicals at the Club Apiary, except for Extraction where theory and practice will be integrated in Sophie’s kitchen.

  1. How to Manage Swarming Successfully.
  2. Queenright & Queenless: Queen Finding, marking and introduction.
  3. Varroa Management: Recognition, monitoring & treatment
  4. How to Extract Honey – from hive to jar.
If you are interested please talk to Dick Church at a meeting OR email Dick on
The cost is £3.00 to cover the hire of the Hall & any handouts, once Dick has sent out a more detailed programme, to those signed up, nearer the event.
Please check you are free on the course date before signing up.