Swarm List Protocol

KBKA Swarm List Protocol

Please refer to the KBKA Rule Book.

KBKA will maintain a list of Association members willing to collect swarms.  The list will be maintained on the KBKA website :

Association members collecting swarms must be experienced beekeepers of two or more years, or who have passed the BBKA Basic BeeKeeping exam. Swarm collectors will agree to be on KBKA website and selected by post code, having the first four letters of their post code displayed on the KBKA website, their first name and the phone number(s) they wish to be contacted on. 

They must also have the following:-

A bee suit/ veil and smoker.

Suitable swarm box, hive or skep.

A suitable location and hive for hiving the swarm.


When contacted by the public about collecting a swarm remember that the person calling you may be nervous and worried. Swarms that have only just appeared are often very docile, while those that have been about for several days can be rather nasty.  Whatever, advise the caller to stay away from the bees and give them some idea when you will arrive at the site. If you feel that the swarm is too difficult for you to collect, say so and perhaps get help from another member, or say it is impossible to collect.  If you do accept the responsibility for collection you need to be in-charge of the swarm site by making sure all children, people and pets are in a safe place or 50 meters away. Before collection insist that anyone who watches does so at their own risk. You are fully covered by your BBKA membership for public liability up to £10,00,000 provided you are NOT making any charge for this service – there must be no commercial gain.  However if they wish to make a donation to KBKA – that is aloud.

Do not put yourself or others in danger with swarms in impossible places. Inform the person that you are not equipped for this site and advise them to get a profession pest company to kill and/or remove the bees.