Chairman Letter – Nov 2016

Dear Kennet Beekeeper,

Christmas is fast approaching – but have we all remembered to send our “letter for Father Christmas” but is he at Thorne, or Maismore, or National Bee Supplies, or Park Beekeeping, or C. Wynne Jones, or Beebitz Beekeeping Supplies, or Paynes, or Bee Equipment Ltd, or Fragile Planet, or even Sacramento Beekeeping Supplies etc., etc.  The point I am making is that when I started beekeeping there was no internet and very little choice compared to now a days.  So now let me welcome our new members and just say to any of you that are totally new to this wonderful hobby, but have yet to buy equipment – just wait till you have handled some bees and seen the advantages or disadvantages of all the many different types of hive, frame and equipment you can buy.  There is so much to choose from and it can be confusing to me let along a beginner.  But a good start is a good bee suit (but don’t get leather gloves at the same time) so I would try BJ Sherriff  for starters at about £125 – but then there is eBay, and for something that looks just the same you can buy it for £28.00 – but will it last?  That is the problem, what do you buy and when?  And I haven’t even mentioned where to buy your bees!  So a big welcome to all new members, and after this introductory paragraph of mine I need to also say good luck when choosing your equipment – the cheapest is not always the best value.

This Friday 2 December at 7.30 is the club skittles night at The Black Horse, Devizes (it’s the pub that backs on to the Caen Hill flight of locks). KBKA Skittles Cup to be won!  If you have not yet booked your meal just turn up – we would prefer to see you there, hoping to collect a few crumbs from our plates rather than miss a fun evening. (I am sure the pub would do you some food!)

Finally a new date for your diary.  Saturday 31st December at 11.00 am.  New Years Eve at the Apiary  Mulled wine, mince pies and oxalic acid.  The club will supply the acid, you just bring the mulled wine and pies.  I hope you know what the bees will be having. All welcome to the last apiary visit of the year – preparing for the New 2017.

Happy Christmas to you all.