Chairmans Letter – April 2020

Dear Kennet BeeKeeper,
May I start by hoping that you are all keeping well in the difficult time for us all.  But don’t forget to look after your bees – I know you won’t forget them – but this last day of March and the beginning of April is when we find out if any of our colonies have survived the winter.  With it being cold today some hives may well be short of food.  Also on the next warm day most of you will perhaps find time to do a hive spring clean and inspection.  I will not write what you should be doing now as most of you know – but should you have any problems you are welcome to ask me for advice.
Now is the time we are thinking about new equipment.  Well, we in KBKA are very lucky as we have
The Bee Depot who will offer a pre-ordered beekeeping kit pickup point at Bishops Cannings village hall carpark. Please contact Diane Sleigh with your orders – 07879 811967 or  email by close of business Monday 6th April. Once she has orders, she will call everyone to set a date and time in 10 minute slots for pickup, aiming for later next week.  She will set your kit on a table. You must  collect and leave, as there will be another collector behind you shortly. For payment Diane is happy to invoice any customer who would like to pay online or will arrange a call to take card payments over the phone. She can also take cash or use the card machine, cleaning between transactions but the other methods seem more sensible. KBKA members are of course able to call to make specific appointments for collection from her home near Frome. Anyone showing symptoms should of course not attend. Do use this service during this difficult time.
I have had an email from Ellie Farago 07770770004 who has many back issues of monthly beepers magazines – give her a call if you are interested in them – she is in Calne.
If you have some free time (I expect some of you do) you may well find the Citizen Science Study of Wild Bees-Help required by Tom Seeley – I have put this as an attachment with this email.
Please all keep well – I post below the BBKA advice to all.
Best wishes

Robert Carpenter Turner

Chairman Kennet Beekeepers

Tel: – 01672 852265    email:-